Strategy and Management Services for Campus Diagnostics

We work with your leadership team to develop and validate a strategy
for your campus diagnostics and, if desired, execute and manage the implementation.

COVID-19 PCR Testing Capability Development

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CDA will work with your institution to determine the right strategy for developing in-house PCR testing for COVID-19. From collection to analysis to reporting, CDA will vet equipment, supplies, methods, and interfaces necessary for your institution to test your community; providing valuable insight to preventing an outbreak on your campus.

Contact Tracing Capability Development

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Tracing exposure is critical to containing an outbreak on your campus. CDA will work with you to implement a contact tracing solution within your community. From strategy and vendor selection to training and monitoring, our team can advise you on best practice and project execution.

Specimen Collection Strategy

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Some institutions may already have testing partners or are undecided on who may perform their testing. In both scenarios, a collection strategy is the essential foundation for ensuring that when you do need to test, you have the staff, training, equipment, and logistics for getting specimens to your testing partner. CDA will assess your current situation, develop a strategy for your organization, and work with your team to execute it.

Procurement of Testing Capacity

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With relationships throughout the country and access to executives at the world's leading laboratories and health systems, CDA is positioned to partner your institution with the right laboratory to fit your testing needs. CDA will determine the frequency, test-type, collection method, and necessary logistics required from a laboratory and work with your administration to select the right partner.

Strategic Advising

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Developing a strategy to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic is a multi-faceted challenge that institutions across the country will need to solve. CDA can provide your leadership with strategic guidance from specific areas within your institutions plan to high level strategy based on best practices developed by the world's experts in diagnostic testing.

Testing and PPE Supplies

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Various supplies are required in order to perform specimen collection, protect your staff and community, and perform PCR tests themselves. CDA can work with your institution to determine supply requirements, vet vendors, and procure supplies for your community.

Billing and Finance

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In a variety of testing strategies, billing is a crucial component that must be addressed to make your approach viable within your institutions budget. Whether paying out of pocket, billing individuals or families, or medicare/medicaid, it is essential to model financial projections and develop a billing strategy.

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