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We provide strategic guidance and management consulting to institutions
resuming essential activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic
“Over 35 years, our team has become renowned for effective and adaptive strategies for the diagnostics industry. Today, we are answering the call to guide institutions in confidently resuming the activities core to their mission in a safe and responsible manner“
David Nichols — Founding Partner

Answering the Call for Guidance on Reopening During COVID-19

In response to growing demand for guidance on re-opening strategies, access to testing capacity, and determining best-practices, NicholsManagement Group, Ltd. (NMG) has created a practice to advise institutions of higher education, public schools and independent schools, and corporate campuses on the work needed to resume essential activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This practice, named Campus Diagnostics Advisors, will serve corporations and institutions by advising them on COVID-19 strategies and developing partnerships to assure clients have access to expedient, accurate, and efficient testing resources.

The Campus Diagnostics Advisors team draws from NMG’s clinical/anatomic laboratory advisory and management experts and NMG’s proven systems, management techniques and expertise that facilitate effective laboratory related decision-making, strategy, and operations.  The CDA team has a deep level of expertise in the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical considerations required to perform high-quality, cost-effective, and high throughput testing.

  • 35
    Years of experience guiding clients in clinical diagnostics
  • 200+
    COVID-19 platforms and technologies vetted by our team
  • 50+
    Relationships with industry-leading CLIA labs performing PCR Testing
  • 48
    Passionate Key Opinion Leaders and Consultants
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